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The Rotary Kiln Accelerates The Reconstruction Of Japan

Since 2010, under the background the rapid growth of domestic investment in fixed assets and real estate development, the rotary kiln industry has maintained a high-speed hardware growth.Especially the first half of the total sales growth of nearly 60% in the second half as sales into the rotary kiln off-season, before the low base last year with high impact, the industry growth rate showed a slight decline.Rotary annual sales grow 48%, and rank the first place in the machinery industry.In 2011, under the pressure of the country strength strengthen macroeconomic control and regulation of the real estate industry, the rotary kiln industry growth will come down significantly, but the strong construction of affordable housing will be offset to some extent, the pressure,spiral classifier price coupled with the rapid growth of the export market very likely, so the demand of rotary kiln will continue to grow.Ore separating line font-size: 11pt">optimistic about the aggregate demand for three reasons: the small excavators was included in the directory of agricultural subsidies, each machine has subsidies 20,000-50,000 rmb.Japan's post-earthquake reconstruction increase the demand for rotary kiln, rotary kiln is expected to increase exports to 40,000 units market; the domestic brands improved sales and service network, more and more manufactures have adopted the new and high technology to produce the high quality rotary kiln.In 2011, china planed to construct affordable housing 10 million units,dryer machine and the total number of affordable housing will reach 36million units in the next five years.The decorative effect of inner painting occupies 80 percent in the whole room decorative.The construction of protection house will largely enhance the coating market in 2011.Vibrating feeder font-size: 11pt">in addition, the construction of affordable housing as the country continued to increase the intensity of the future ball mill font-size: 11pt">will be more and more people own their own homes, home building materials market will also be greatly stimulated, showing prosperity.For as an important part of china dryers font-size: 11pt">architectural coatings - wall coatings, 10 million units of affordable housing construction will boost the demand for exterior paint.We must clearly recognize that the current market problems are temporary, is a developing problem, does not affect the long-term good of china's construction machinery industry; china's construction machinery industry is still a sunrise industry with high technology content and concentration of production.Future market demand is bound to the high-end, intelligent direction; the industry will be more standardized operation.The enterprises should pursuit the innovation development and meet the future market opportunities and challenges with an international vision.Cement machinery:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/cement-mill.Htmlstone crushing plant:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/stone-crushing-plant.Htmlvibrating feeder:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/vibrating-feeder.Html.

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