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The Seasoning Guide For The Braai Master

Seasoned braai-masters are quick to agree that braaiing is an 'art.' after all, there is a lot of precision and passion that goes into it! the fire needs to be lit just right, the meat cooked perfectly and all side dishes made as seamless complements to the sizzling fire.The most important ingredient necessary in order to achieve the perfect braai is the seasoning, and this is often where the ultimate braai-master is put to the test.Too much seasoning spoils the meat and too little seasoning robs the meat of its flavour potential; so keep this in mind when preparing the meat for the braai.Since braai sessions are social gatherings, the 'seasoned' braai master knows that beer is the ultimate marinade for meat and should consider basting the meat (in beer) prior to placing on the braai grill; or whilst the meat is cooking.Incorporating peri-peri seasoning is one way in which to spice up your meat with some delicious fiery flavour.Braai experts advise that plain salt and pepper are ideal for seasoning, but exploring new techniques in an effort to deliver a hearty, scrumptious meal from a braai session is what every braai-master worth his 'seasoning' should strive for.Chilli beef seasoning is ideal for steak, chops and brisket and can be applied whilst the meat is on the braai grid or just after it is done cooking.There are no set rules when it comes to braaiing the meat to perfection - after all, different cuts, sizes and different thicknesses of meat are going to feel and look different.For steak, you can slice it slightly and look at the colour inside; remember, the more tender your meat, the more rare it is, and the firmer it is, the more well done.Chicken is generally ready when the juices run clear, and boerewors is done when you can snap it in half easily with the braai tongs.Bear in mind that different meats have different cooking times, and, ideally, you want everything to be ready at the same time.In order to make sure that all of the items are done and ready simultaneously, place the chicken on first at the edge of the fire, then put the boerewors and chops on the other side of the grill, followed by the steak in the centre.Now that you have some helpful seasoning tips, there's nothing stopping you from proving your 'braai master' status time and time again.Happy braaiing! source: http://www.Capetownmagazine.Com/cape-confidential/your-guide-to-becoming-a-braai-master/123_22_19041.

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