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The Significance Of Mag Drive Pumps And Mechanical Diaphragm Pumps Across Industries

Humankind's quest for knowledge dates back to the dawn of the civilization.At first, he used to get fascinated by look of the starry sky, frightened by lightning and other natural phenomenon and used to think these as activities of god.Later on, development of rational thinking enabled him to start questioning everything and apply serious scientific thought before taking any side or decision.From that day onwards, application of appropriate scientific knowledge coupled with technology, he started to invent newer devices to make life easier.So, right from the day of invention of wheel his never ending endeavor is going on till this day.Modern science has largely contributed in almost all of the fields ranging from agriculture to nuclear power, from internet to advanced medicines.Similarly, in the pumping industry, newer devices are making headlines as they are being designed only to cater the specific need of the respective field and producing quality output at lower cost saving both time and money.Hence, every pumping company is allocating huge budget in research to manufacture such a device which can satisfy the clients need.So, after planning, designing and manufacturing the device is tested under various extreme conditions to ensure its ability to produce quality output.The main challenge for these devices are the fluids that are needed to be moved from one place to another are of diverse nature depending upon the type of industry the organisation is operating.Of the different types of such devices mag drive pumps became a rage worldwide because of its ability to move hazardous, corrosive chemicals and solid laden liquids.They are having some unique features:- it is capable of handling contaminated liquids, solids etc.Prevention of dry run ability to operate under extreme conditions (up to 120c temperature and 20.6 bar pressure) and produce quality output it is corrosion resistant since its inner parts includes non-metallic wet parts and seal less structure.The pump is either close coupled or long coupled.Ability to generate flow up to 300m/ hour also, this environment friendly machine is easier to handle ensuring quality of output and operator safety.Maintenance is easier and related cost is also lesser.Moving abrasive type of sandy liquids and slurries for different wash down applications, waste treatment, construction sites and oily water separator, mechanical diaphragm pumps are used largely because of its chemical resistant properties.It has both self-priming and dry run functionality which clearly gives it an edge over other same type of devices available in the market.In addition, it can handle large solids apart from abrasive liquids.For the movement of liquids like surface water or waste water or sewage from typical areas where drainage is almost impossible due to gravity,packaged pumping stations can come handy.This high end device generally made of various impact resistant materials like different types of plastics such as - polyethylene, glass reinforced plastic or precast concrete.This device consists of control equipment, pipes and submersible pumps.They are mainly used to minimize the installation time of plumbing equipment in such type of construction sites where development activities are in progress.

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