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The Solutions For Troubles Hooting The Vibrating Feeder With Overload

Vibratory feeders are self-contained systems, comprising a specially tooled bowl feeder that orients the parts, a vibrating drive unit, upon which the bowl feeder is mounted, and a variable-amplitude control box.As crushing equipment with low noise, low power consumption and excellent regulation performance, the vibrating feeder plays an irreplaceable role in the ore dressing production line.Here we will introduce the solutions for troubles hooting the feeder with overload.The resistance moment will increase and the belt conveyor of the hopper will skid when the equipment overloads.At this time, you should reduce the feeding rate and keep feeding uniformly.If the situation does not get better and the belt of the hopper still skids, you should consider that the base is very likely to be blocked by the accumulation of the material.At this point, you should stop to double-check to identify the reasons to troubleshoot the feeder.If the resistance moment increases and the belt of the hopper skids because of the inefficient rotating of the bearings of the head wheel and end wheel, you need unpick and wash and fuel the bearings or replace it.When the material at the discharge location is not completely unloaded out of the machine and part of the material will be back to the base of the feeder, the production efficiency will be reduced and the power consumption and the crushing rate of the material will increase.The vibrating feeder is widely used in crushing and screening plants of metallurgy, coal mining, mineral processing, building materials, chemicals, abrasives industry.It plays an important role in multiple areas of the quarry, sand plant, concentrator, mill, powder metallurgy plants, cement plants and other.Dsmac is a good vibrating feeder manufacturer.The vibrating feeder produced by dsmac in the production process can send the massive, granular materials from silos uniformly, regularly and continuously send to the feeding device.In the sand and gravel production line, it can continuously and uniformly feed for the crushing mechanical and coarse screening materials.Besides vibrating feeder, dsmac has many other feeder equipment, such as apron feeder, wf reciprocating feeder and so on.If you are interested in the production, you had better consult the manufacturer to get more information and solution.

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