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The Summary On The Components Feeding Laws With The Cement Rotary Kilns

Rotary kilns, referring to your rotary calcine kiln (also typically known as rotary kilns), belongs for the creating content equipments.It could be divided into three varieties: cement kiln, metallurgy chemical kiln and lime kiln based mostly on various materials it processes.Rotary kilns are mainly applied in cement sector.The entire processes with the cement creation line may be summarized as "two grinding processes and one burning process".The "burning process" refers towards the one that those raw materials which already have been grinded and compounded are fired to be the clinkers together with the help of the high temperature in rotary kilns.This article, here, is to introduce the materials feeding polices of cement rotary kilns.1.Inform the inspector about the spot to stop the slow-running, then release the slow-turning clutch, set the speed at 0.4-0.5rpm and at last turn on the primary motor of rotary kilns.2.Shut the entrance baffle of heat temperature fan, set the speed at 200rmp and then start the primary motor.After the fan working reposefully, open the entrance baffle gradually till it open totally.Then dependent on the pressure of the preheater entrance, adjust the speed of heat temperature fan.Keep the speed in the fan at about 450rmp and pressure of preheater entrance below 1200pa while the supplies are being fed.3.According to pressure of kiln head, start the other fans.4.Keep the content feeding speed at 100/h.5.The wind, components and coal change dramatically during the substance feeding, so ask the inspector to shake the flap valve to keep the supplies feeding smoothly.6.Inform the inspector with the raw materials system to adjust the opening degree of cottrell air outlet baffle and keep the negative pressure of the primary exhaust fan outlet at -150-300pa.When the temperature of the primary exhaust fan outlet rises to 200??±10??, the humidification tower has to sprinkle water to cool down it.7.After clinkers having sent into cooler, enhance the gate speed and blowing rate of gate cooler gradually.Now it's better to increase the temperature of wind two or three times.Keep the negative pressure in the kiln head steady and avert "making snowman".8.After the resources feeding smoothly and steadily, let the inspector stop the diesel pump and pull out the oil gun.All the above are summarized by those technicists dependent on years of experience.

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