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The Usage Of Ptfe In A Few Fields

Ptfe possesses some special properties, which makes it widely applied in some industries like chemical, silicone sheet, petroleum, textile, food, paper making, medical science, electric, mechanics and the offshore operation.Often used to make ptfe rod, teflon sheet and teflon film.1 the application of its anti-corrosion property some materials like rubber hose, glass and metal alloy aren't so good at anti-corrosion, so they can't be utilised in the environment which has high requirement on temperature, pressure and chemical mediator.Now ptfe has become the main material utilized in petroleum, chemical and textile owing to its superior anti-corrosion property.It is mainly utilised to make the deliver pipe for transferring corrosive air, the exhaust pipe, the steam pipe, the high pressure oil pipe in the rolling mill, the high, medium and low pressure pipe of the hydraulic system and the cold system in the plane, the rectification column, the heat exchanger, the kettle, the tower, the lining of the groove and the valve, etc.Whether the performance of the sealing material is good or bad will have great influence on the performance and efficiency of the whole machine.Ptfe has good anti-corrosion, aging resistance, low friction coefficient, not-sticky performance, wide temperature-withstanding scope and elasticity, so it can be suitable to be utilised to make the sealing material that is applied in the environment with the temperature above hundred degrees centigrade and the sealing material with high requirement on anti-corrosion, such as the sealing material in the machine, the heat exchanger, the high pressure vessel, the vessel with big diameter, the valve, the groove-shaped flange of the pump, the plastic reaction pot, the face flange, the flange with big diameter, the shaft, the piston rod, the valve lever, turbine pump and the tie rod, etc.2 the application in the electronic and electric field ptfe is low in loss and small in dielectric constant, so it can be used to make teflon sheet that is utilized in the mini engine, thermoelectric couple and the controlling equipment.Ptfe teflon film is the ideal material for making the capacitor, the insulating backing employed in wireless equipment, the insulating cable, the motor and the transformer.It really is also one of several indispensable materials employed to make the electric parts in the aviation and the aerospace fields.Because oxygen can penetrate ptfe teflon film easily while vapor can penetrate ptfe teflon film difficultly, we invent the oxygen sensor by virtue of this property.The polarized electric charge will be deviated when ptfe is under the environment of high temperature and high pressure.By virtue of this property, we can use it to make the part in the microphone, the speaker and the robot.We can also use it to make optical fiber by virtue of its low refractive index.

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