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Three Main Application Areas Of Dsmac Xpcf High Efficient Fine Crusher

Xpcf high efficient fine crusher is the optimized crushing machine for fine crushing effect improvement and spare parts unitarily enhancement.It is mainly used in cement production, sand and stone joint production, mining, metallurgy, coal industry, etc.There are mainly three application areas for this fine crusher.First, xpcf high efficient fine crusher is used for crushing cement raw materials before flour mills, reducing energy consumption more than 5 million yuan.Take the 2500tpd new type dry technique cement production line for example.Comparing the φ 4.6×10 raw material mill + 3.5m dry grinding production system with xpcf crusher + φ2.2m raw material mill or φ2.4m ball mill system, the former system needs 7.16 kwh for each ton raw material.If per kwh is 0.6 yuan, the cost for per raw material will increase 4.296 yuan.So for each to process raw material 4000 tons, the production cost increases 17200 yuan.In one year, the cost will increase about 5.495 million yuan.Second, this fine crusher is the optimum crusher for clinker crushing.This fine crusher from dsmac is the famous product for crushing clinker.This product has the features of high productivity, stable property and low failure rate, which is conducive to reduce customers' unnecessary maintenance and economic loss.The raw material below 60-70mm is suitable, and the equipped wear-resisting spare part is sandwich® hammerhead, which is designed with tungsten and titanium alloy integrated structure and other special wear-resistant materials, greatly lengthening the service life of hammerhead.Third, this fine crusher for coal water slurry (cws) realizes high concentration and high rheological property.In order to solve cws industry's technological deficiencies of high project investment, imbalance between input and output, unstable product quality, dsmac researched out xpcf crusher, ym pre-grinding millet.The cws equipment of "fine crushing + pre-grinding" based on theories of "multi-crush and less grinding" and "accumulation efficiency" provides cws production technology of high efficiency, high concentration and high rheological property.

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