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Tips For Visiting At The Top Burj Khalifa

Dubai is truly an amazing place to visit and the reason it fascinates so many people around the globe.This has greatly influenced the city earn itself first place on most people's travel bucket list.But there's one thing that in particular makes dubai stand out-burj khalifa, the tallest structure in the world.It goes without saying.No visit is complete to dubai without a visit to the magnificent burj khalifa really! in this article, we'll give an indepth look not only at the top experience-burj khalifa but more into what lies inside the breathtaking piece of art.What to know about burj khalifa the structure rises above the rest of dubai at over 828 m (2,717 ft) qualifying it as the tallest building in the world the building has upto 160 storeys making it the man made structure with the most number of floors in the world the building took six years to completion and officially opened in 2010 on level 148 is burj khalifa, sky lounge which is the highest observation deck in the world.It offers breathtaking views of dubai and the arabian gulf.Burj khalifa hosts the luxurious armani hotel, world class residences, dubai aquarium, underwater zoo, indoor/outdoor swimming pools, state of the art fitness facilities, the world' highest restaurant and world's highest club.What to expect at burj khalifa you might have to wait in line with your ticket in hand.But, you won't be bored as there are interactive displays giving you extra details about the skyscraper to keep you entertained all through.On your departure to at the top, you're directed to the base of the tower via a walk featuring a display of the building's history.You then board an elevator that ascends 450 metres to at the top observation deck at an incredibly high speed of 10m/s at the top observation deck, you're met with breathtakingly, unobstructed 360 degree picturesque views of the city, desert and the ocean.Stroll around the floor to ceiling glass walled perimeter or step outside the outdoor observation deck but only for the more daring ones ;) at the top experience from the ground to at the top observation deck, it takes about 1 minute as earlier mentioned the elevator moves at an incredible speed of 10m/s.At the top observation deck comprise of both outdoor and indoor areas.The indoor area covers three quarters of the deck allowing for unlimited views to the north, west and south.The indoor deck's main feature is the full length glass panels that prevent harsh winds that would otherwise be a nuisance to guests.The deck also has a gift shop where you can get some really cool mementos to always remind you of your special moment at burj khalifa.The remaining one quarter is the outdoor area offering views to the south, east and north.At the top, you'll notice the temperatures are way cooler at about 15 degrees lower than the building's base.Please make use of the horizontal spaces in the glass for photography.On at the top observation deck-level 124/125, there are no chairs or benches and you'll be standing during your stay so wear comfortable shoes.Planning your visit with burj khalifa being the world's most popular building to visit, it's encouraged to find about cheap flights to dubai to allow you save up to spend in accommodation and fun activities in the city.Keep in mind that, besides burj khalifa, there're ton of other attractions to awe you.Take a look around itickets.Ae among other sites to see places of interest in the dubai and uae.How to get to at the top burj khalifa sits majestically in downtown dubai.There are different means of transport to the attraction and you just need to know where to look.Below are some suggestions: dubai metro: in this case, board the red line to burj khalifa station.Then board an f13 bus to dubai mall's bus stop then walk through the mall to burj khalifa.A taxi/uber from your hotel/place of residence tips for visiting at the top burj khalifa book tickets in advance to enjoy great discounts and just be sure that nothing interferes with your visit.The tickets to burj khalifa vary based on the observation deck you plan on visiting.Here's an example different time visits to burj khalifa are busier than others.See tips below for best visiting time.Helpful tips for visiting burj khalifa wear comfortable outfit and especially shoes because you'll be walking around for a while.Another reason for this is because, there are queues and especially if you don't have your tickets in advance online.Make sure you eat something before going up to the observation decks.Some people get light headed.Please note, food and drink from outside is not allowed in the premises.Bring some cash with you because you'll want to grab a snack at the sky lounge or some cool burj khalifa themed souvenirs get a good camera! it's no brainer that there are unmatched views from at the top, burj khalifa.So get your lenses ready to capture every beautiful moment of your visit.The most rewarding time to visit here is right before sunset because the views are extremely phenomenal at this hour as daylight fades and darkness gradually sets in.This is also the perfect moment to take those captivating photos that will awe your followers on ig.Burj khalifa is not only iconic, but it hosts a ton of other world class attractions that will awe you.At the top observation deck doesn't fall short of your expectations as you literally get to kiss the skies experiencing the world from great heights-literally.If burj khalifa is not top on your bucket list, you might want to revisit your bucket list 2018 :).

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