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Tips To Anti Friction Material Development

There is such a successful case about anti-friction material in cement industry.Once jiangxi yadong cement company limited chose hammer from other manufacturers, but it always malfunctioned and was easily wear and tear; later the company was introduced to the massive crusher hammer produced by henan hongxing mining machinery co.,ltd by other customers.The excellent anti-friction ability created a record of as long as seventeen months and crushing materials for 3.2million tons service life.It reduced significantly the investment for yadong cement and brought great profit for it, which became a favorite tale.Now let us analyze the current situation of the cement industry in our country.Strong market demand, increased economic benefit and short investment recovery period are its development characteristics, so as one of the basic industries of national economy, it has attracted large amount of social investment.According to incomplete statistics, the full production capacity accounts for more than 30% of the world total output and no matter the growth speed or the gross products all ranks the top in the world.Over the past few years, the investment increase rate every year is over 100%, which leads to the turning up of such problems as excessive production capacity, eliminating outdated capacity and replacing grinding with jaw crusher breaking.However, because of the three high characteristics of high energy consumption, high depletion and high pollution, the cement investment is mainly used for building large-sized new dryer cement processing line and eliminating the backward production line, so the expert predicts that the increase of total output in the future will be very limited.On the other hand, disposal and recycling of the cement concrete is the inevitable trend of the cement industry, so that the demand for concrete processing equipment such as hammer crusher will be very strong, among which the crushing machines are the key with the anti-friction material is the crucial necessity.Just as the above mentioned yadong cement company, if hongxing machinery did not predict demand of service life, performance reliability and cost performance in the wear-resistant material market, then we will not be honored as the majordomo of anti-friction materials.To summarize, there are the following several tips about its development: 1.With the elimination of backward capacity and the wide application of kiln instead of grinder, the use of ball mill will be less and less, so the tear-resistant machine will decrease significantly, and the mill-less production has been in practice.2.The modern enterprises should have moral awareness; everyone holds responsibility for environment protection, and abrasion resistant material industry shoulders heavy responsibilities.So its development should go towards materials with high added value, the energy consumption should be reduced, the performance characteristics should be reliable; and what is more, it should be environmentally friendly and do not increase burden to us human being and the environment.3.Improving its service life, property reliability and cost performance has become extremely urgent and an irresistible trend.The market is volatile, so is the customers' demand, but the nuclear thing always stays the same.So always get down to the earth to operate with a company, to manufacture high-abrasive material, to go the road of energy-saving and environmental protection and to do research and development of high added-value machinery, only by this can really promote the mutual development of the enterprise itself and the industry.Jaw crusher: http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/1.Htmlhammer crusher: http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_20.Html.

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