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Tips To Remove Dents From Your Car

There are several ways you can fix some types of dents: use a plunger this method often works on small to medium dents without sharp edges.Splash a bit of water onto a cup type plunger and wet the surface area of the vehicle in and around the area of the dent.Place the plunger over the dent and push and pull it rapidly until the dent pops out.You may need to do this several times until the area is restored.Use boiling water on plastic bumpers plastic bumpers are made so they are very stiff and usually resist any attempt to push out dents.By pouring boiling water over the area of the dent you will heat it up enough so that it becomes more pliable flexible and easier to push out the dents.A hair dryer and compressed air the plastic areas on your vehicle often respond well to this treatment.Heat the area of the dent with the hair dryer on the highest setting so the plastic softens and expands.Then spray the area with air from a compressor, this will force the plastic to quickly cool and contract, causing the dent to pot out.Dry ice use a protective glove to hold a piece of dry ice and rub it over the dent until you see or hear it pop out.For stubborn dents, you may need to heat it first using a hair dryer, but eventually the hot, cold action will force the metal to go back to its original shape.For large dents, try hot glue, screws and wooden dowels place a screw into each side of the short dowel to act as a handle hot glue one end of the dowel inside the dent and keep adding dowels until the area is covered when the glue is cold pull on the dowels until you've removed the dent once you have removed the dent it may still need to be filled and painted.This can be done using scratch filler and a touch up paint.It's important to select the correct type and colour of paint to finish the job.Start by looking for the vehicle paint code.This should be under the bonnet or on the inside of the door pillar.Be aware that your vehicle's colour may have faded so it may be best to get a match from an auto parts store or paint shop.They will often be able to match the right colour and place it in an aerosol spray pack for ease of spraying.If you have used filler you will need to sand the area smooth using sandpaper before painting and between coats so the finish is perfectly smooth.At currumbin radiators our motor mechanics are well organised and efficient.As customers expect accurate quotes and assessments of the work that needs to be done, either before the job begins or as soon as our mechanic has inspected the vehicle enough to identify the problem.If our mechanic discovers additional problems, find the job to be more involved or will cost more, then we will inform or advise our customers before proceeding.As everyone is now easily contactable this should not be a problem.

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