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Trimming The Waste The Invention Of The Conveyor Belt

One of the most efficient inventions has been the conveyor system.The conveyor belt is an invention that has saved time, and increased productivity in virtually all industries, from packaging to assembly.Here is some more information about this useful system.The history in a nutshell, a conveyor belt system is a way to carry items from one spot to another by using a belt that rotates over pulleys (or drums).This creates an endless loop and keeps the belt in constant rotation.The pulley that is motorized is called the drive pulley, and the pulley that is not motorized is called the idler pulley.The two main types of conveyor belts either deal with general items (boxes, small objects, game pieces, etc) or bulk items (grain, coal, ore, etc).The beginning of a conveyor belt system was invented in 1892 when thomas robbins began creating devices to move coal and ore.In 1905 richard sutcliffe invented the first conveyor belts to be used in mining and revolutionized the coal mining industry.Henry ford also used conveyor belts in his automobile factory in 1913.The benefits conveyor belts are durable and reliable.They help create a more efficient system for a variety of processes, from production to packaging, to assembly.Belts save valuable time and labor costs.They allow companies to process exceedingly more product than they would be able to otherwise.Conveyor belts are great for smaller items that could fall in between rollers and are perfect for items with irregular shapes.They can be configured in a large variety of ways, including an incline, which can transport items to different levels within a space.They can also go around corners, and go vertical.The varieties belt conveyors are the most commonly used variety, due to their versatility, and cheap price tag.A recent improvement to conveyor belts is a belt weigher, which allows items to be weighed as they are in transit across the belt.Conveyor belt systems are used in many machines that people use every day including moving sidewalks, luggage terminals, escalators, and ski lifts.Conveyor belt systems are not the only systems to use conveyor technology to move products.There are several other ways to move items across distances including, ball transfer, slat/apron, bucket, and drag/chain/tow.Bucket systems work great with an incline conveyor to transport items vertically, that would otherwise be difficult to do.

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