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Types Of Ball Mill

Ball mill is the main grinding machine to grind various mineral ores, coal etc.It is an efficient tool for grinding many materials into fine powder.Ball mill is generally used to grind material many kinds of mine and other materials and the ball machine is used to select the mine.It is an efficient tool for grinding many materials into fine powder.There are three types of ball mill are energy-saving mill, cement mill and rod mill.These three kinds of models are our main ball mill; each one has its own unique purposes, and specific details.Energy-saving ball millenergy-saving ball mill has made a great improvement in the structure compared to the traditional ones.Its cylinder and supporting fame compose an integral system, thus when it is being fixed, energy-saving ball mill will be hung on the foundation once.Equipped with double-tiered centripetal roller bearing, its power consumption will be reduced by 30%.The intrinsic grill pattern forcing discharge is replaced by overall pattern controlling discharge, which enhances the fineness of final product, and meanwhile increase the capacity by 15-20%.Cement milldue to its unique grid board and fan-shaped indoor ascending dou exist, realize low level of intimidating row already grinding fine ore and timely education, the magnetic particles already qualified particles will not be in pebble ball mill, so stay too long had shattered phenomenon light, grinding speed, high efficiency.Due to the low, pulp mill face in mineral aggregate less, plus grid board "quarantine" effect, on the one hand, can use higher medium filling rate, increase installed ball quantity, and can apply allocated into the ball, on the other hand the ball was promoted to a certain height, the slurry after relatively low ball have larger face, the drop height, therefore, medium the ball is stronger, the impact of ore materials, crushing effect grinding effect is good.Because discharging speed, mineral aggregate retention time short, grinding ore from grinding machine can quickly into the sorting machine in subsequent assignments, so that classification into grinding machine is added more of the original ore, also big density particles from within in ball mill had gathered, reducing the crushing, higher productivity.The grinding machine is suitable for a rough grinding or two paragraphs grinding the first section grinding, can also be used to grind easily crushed and softer ore.Rod millsbm price of ball mill is low cost.Rod milling machine within the medium is steel bar, so level falls line contact with the ore bed surface, selective crushing effect according to size, namely, from large to small pieces ordinal shattered, so after grinding light, grinding mineral content of granularity, suitable for coarse grinding or require a material grinding mineral light re-election crushing plant.

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