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Ultra Fine Powder Processing Problem Of Spiral Separator

Spiral separator is a new kind of high efficient, energy saving grinding equipment, mainly to solve ultra-powder processing problem of spiral classifier in the metallurgy, the chemical industry,china magnetic separator the ore, medicine, ceramics, building new material, cement, magnetic materials, and many other industries.The change is either not solid state physics and not atoms or processing problem, is a new physics subject, forming the unique spiral separator ultra-fine powder physics.Some even need size of sub-micron or nanometer,concentrator table which is the ancient traditional problem and equipment can't achieve.Both at home and abroad, many universities,rotary dryers research institutions are the powder super refined, or superfine turns into research and development for the main attack direction, will focus on how to solve more fine problem and equipment research.China's spiral separator: the ball mill, the jet mill, raymond mill, mixing mill, roll mill and column grinding machine, etc.The ball mill is still the leading grinding machine in china's cement industry, ceramic,dryer machine etc.The above equipment, although have many advantages, but have their weakness.For example,china vibrating feeder limited by technology and grinding machine processing characteristics of itself, most are unable to process the slag and fly ash, nonmetal materials of high hardness, especially the ball mill is noisy, high energy consumption and pollutive, cannot satisfy the required powder fineness production of high standard cement, high grade ceramic products and other new building materials.Artificial sand makerlarge multi-purpose spiral separator is different from the structure, process, grinding interface and principle and appearance of the traditional grinding machine, it is based on mechanical vibration principle, they can be work under the lower energy consumption.The technical achievements can be said to be a revolution on the traditional grinding technology, suitable for high hardness and brittleness material to process super fine, nanometer powder processing.At the same time it has a little noise, low energy consumption, low polluting t etc.Flotation cellslarge spiral separator still has many problems in the design and production technology , such as shorter supporting spring life, mill body whole stiffness and strength, welding strength, fitting wear-resistant materials, etc, and lack of form a complete set of components and the corresponding design standards and other reasons, the research progress is slow.In the 80s, only wenzhou machinery factory produced small spiral separator.In the grinding process, iron impurity polluted raw material.Many technical problems, make ultra-fine powder processing technology and equipment behind developed countries for a long time.Classifiers:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/screw-classifier.Htmldrum dryer:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/dryer.Htmlchina dryers:www.China-crusher.Com/drier5.Html.

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