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Useful Methods To Solve Common Problems Of Chute Blockage In Ball Mill

Ball mill of coal slurry as the main facility widely used to crash coals of different hardness in pulverized coal system of heat power station is also applicable for cement industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, sugar industry and other coal pulverizing systems.We can infer from its name that the machine used as a coal crusher is useful not only in plants of producing coals, but also at places where there is a great need for coal as a kind of raw material.The cause of such symptoms as chute blockage lies in the fact that the ball mill machine is out of normality.Since a certain amount of coal will be admitted to pass through the ball mill of some standard or specification can on specific condition in the process of grinding ore, which means that if the property of green ore becomes different or there sees an increase in feeding of ore or the ratio of sand return caused by added feeding of coarse ore, the problem of chute blockage occurs and the through-put capacity of ball mill is obviously out of limit.In addition, improper operation will also cause the same problem.For instance, if unsuitable amount of water needed in the process of grinding ore is added in cinder mill, an immediate influence will be seen in the grinding concentration, which may further cause the chute blockage when in high concentration.What is more, too much grinding media or inappropriate ball diameter can both lead to such problem.In face of the problem of chute blockage, it is necessary to analyze the conditions that may change the property of ore, like the amount of ore feeding, needed water and return sand ratio and overflowing granularity, and find out the right cause to properly solve it.1.Reducing the amount of ore feeding or temporarily stopping feeding ore to drying machine of coal slurry to alleviate the working burden on cement ball mill and to lessen the amount of ore passing through ore mill.2.Making sure that the right amount of water is consumed to rightly adjust grinding concentration since any improper concentration will lead to undesirable result.Higher concentration will result in slow flowing of ore pulp and at the same time reduce the impact of grinding media, and discharge coarse ore while grid-shaped ball mill may inflate.3.Adding a rational amount of grinding media crushed by coal gangue crusher into ore mill.And if there is a shortage of grinding media in ore mill, a certain amount of grinding media of larger size should be supplemented.

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