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Various Kinds Of Shattered Materials Of Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating feeder can make the material is crushed by large particles into the small particles of the process.At the same time decrease in size, their own crystal structure,secondary cone crusher chemical composition, physical and chemical properties and so on, they will happen vibrating feeder chemical change.These changes are not in all the pieces work can significantly exists, it and vibrating feeder force on the way, crushing time, crushing environment and vibrating feeder is shattered the type of material, size distribution,hammer crusher chemical and physical properties and so on, all have close relationship.Vibrates the feeding engine cylinder in the material end is a cone type, grinding efficiency be improved, small specifications of the mill by whole base,hammer crusher easy to transport and installation, adjustment, maintenance, and can be widely used in ore, non-metalliferous ore, fire-proof material, abrasive, industry processing jaw grinder.Vibrating feeder different type of artificial have different technical requirements, so in the operation has a little difference,hammer crusher now many concentrator design unreasonable, equipment installation or equipment such as quality problem.Now to this part of the first equipment paper expounds the factors of hammer type play sand machine.First to vibrating feeder bulging belly harbingers of several aspects can cause note, one is to see vibrating feeder to mine mouth whether vomit expected, the second is to listen to vibrating feeder voice, if vibrating feeder bulging belly,hammer crusher the voice smaller to become the stuffy, a third is see vibrates the feeding mechanical and electrical flow control cabinet, in particular, when the vibration feeder bulging belly, its current value decreases, and many operators and engineers think on the contrary, they think vibrating feeder bulging belly because vibrating feeder ore in large quantities,ore separating line its current value is bigger, this is the wrong view broken stone machine.In cement production, crushing vibrating feeder of the application of chemical more profound.It is "physical stimulate"ore separating line technology according to the theory.Such as: how to further improve the cement mixing materials or activity than surface area to improve or improve the hydration reaction activity and strength grade, and the use of performance and so on.(1) body and grinding mill the cylinder body between the wall relatively sliding neglected.(2) mill the cylinder body on grinding material body motion state influence neglected.(3) when the normal operation of grinding machine, grinding medium in the mill the cylinder body, according to the position of the one layer continuous circular motion, and each layer of grinding in circular motion of body not interfere with each other.(4) grinding medium in the cylinder body circular motion track consists of two curves encloses composition, one is the cylinder section center to central upward movement of one arc.The other is downward motion of the parabola.Vibrating feeder is a kind of to grinding medium (steel, steel segment, etc) in the rotation of the cylinder body to smash the important material grinding equipment.In order to determine its vibrating feeder design and manufacture of calculation basis and work the main technical parameters, we must have a dynamic grinding body movement rules for detailed analysis.The researchers made the assumptions, make the research content complex extent had a simplified.Ore separating line:www.China-crusher.Com/stone-production-line.Html mobile jaw crushers:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/jaw-crusher.Html.

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