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Vibrating Screen Working Principle

Vibrating screen works by using of a reciprocating screw-type vibration transducer excitation.Oscillator on a rotary hammer produce flat whirling vibration in the screen surface, while the lower rotating weight produce cone rotary vibration in the screen surface.The effect of their joint action makes the screen surface to produce complex rotary vibration.Vibration locus is a complex space curves.The curve is a circular projection in the horizontal plane, and in the vertical plane of projection is an oval.The regulator, rotating hammer excitation force can change the amplitude.And adjust the upper and lower hammer spatial phase angle, you can change the shape of the curve trajectory of the screen surface and change the trajectory of the screen surface materials.High-frequency vibration sieve are high efficiency, small amplitude and high frequency screening.And it is different with general principles of screening equipment.Because a high frequency rate is used in the high frequency vibration sieve (high frequency screen), on the one hand the pulp surface tension and high-speed oscillation of fine materials in the screen surface are destroyed, on the other hand, the large density of useful minerals and analysis of the isolated are accelerated, and the probability of a particle size less than the separation of materials in contact with the sieve is increased.Resulting in better separation conditions, so that the separation is less than the size of the material, together with pulp into the product through the mesh sieve.They are mainly used for: cleaning, filtering and classification.1, cleaning: impurities inside the material are found out.Impurities refer to the large particles or small particles, which do not meet the requirements.2, filter: the impurities in the liquid are filter out.3, classification: a bunch of material is graded in accordance with the size segment.The material is divided into n specifications to use through classification.Xinhai mining techniques & equipment provide all kinds of vibrating screen, which are high efficiency, and easy maintainance.The advantages of vibrating screen are following: large clearance bearings operating with low temperature lift.Reasonable mechanical structure, low noise and high screening efficiency ring groove rivets connection, advanced structure, strong and durable large capacity, strong versatility of components and convenient repair.

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