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Vinyl Decal Faqs Sticking On Wood Painted Walls Stuck On Paper Backing

This article discusses some of the frequently asked questions about vinyl decals.Are vinyl decals suitable on painted walls? i have clients who have asked me this question in the past.This is a good chance for me to discuss it in an article for others who are interested.Well, the short answer to the question is yes.If you are planning on decorating your walls with decals, the first thing to ensure is to make your walls clean and free from sticky grease or oil.There are two ways to do this.The first one is to wash your wall using a degreasing soap.I recommend getting the tsp or trisodium phosphate, which is available in hardware or home improvement stores.Thoroughly wash your walls, rinse, and then repeat the process.You might actually get surprised at how much grease your walls have which is hardly visible to the eye.The reason behind the grease accumulation is because of the exchange of air comparable to how we breathe.Say, every time you smoke, particles related to it build up in your lungs as time passes.The second one is to have fresh clean walls by actually painting or repainting your wall.Should you repaint, cleaning before painting the wall is still a must.This helps the paint to hold onto the wall better.Plus, if you stick a wall decal and decide to remove it later, it won't peel off the paint as well.Is it possible to stick decals on painted wood? this question refers to painted wood.Well, the answer to this is yes.However, it depends on two things.The first one is the texture of the wood surface.If the wood is quite rough, you need to sand it first before painting.You wait for the paint to completely cure or dry it, and then stick your vinyl wall decal.The second one is the length of time since the wood was painted.Let's say you have smoothen the surface and painted it already.At minimum, you must wait for a week before applying your wall decals.As mentioned above, you need to have the paint completely cured or dried out.My recommendation is to leave it for two weeks.Don't try to do otherwise.If you do, what happens is that when you decide to remove the decal, it would peel off the paint as well.And then you would need to do touch up painting, which can look somewhat different from the original paint.What to do if the decal keeps on sticking on its paper backing? if you got good quality decals, you actually won't have to deal with this problem.Issues like this only happen with cheap or old stock decals.Anyway, if you really went cheap and had this type of decal, there are ways you can do.The easiest one is to use a heat gun or a hair dryer to lightly apply heat on the surface of the decal.Usually, this can release the decal from the backing paper.Do note though that if this is the kind of decal you have, it may stick hard on whichever surface you would put it, so be mindful where you would place it.One other way, if there's a paper residue stuck to the vinyl decal (please make sure that it is a vinyl item), soak it a little with water to get it wet.The soaked stuck paper should peel off easily.You can surely soak a vinyl decal with water and it won't damage it at all.

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