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Vipeak Heavy Industry Constantly Improve Equipment Technology To Meet Sand Concrete Demand

Processes for sand and gravel preparation.It's great to have the choice! you can't choose the raw materials you have in your deposits - but you can choose the equipment with which you can produce high grade sand and gravel grains from the most difficult source materials, giving you the highest quality in the most cost effective way.The lack of deposits which are both easy to quarry and meet official approval often forces the contractor to extract sand and gravel which contain impurities.Loam, clay, wood or coal require efficient system solutions, depending on the quantities and characteristics involved, so that aggregates can be produced which are unadul- treated when washed and ideal in composition vipeak will support you in your planning and design stages, and later when it comes to converting these into viable technical solutions.• pre-separating • cleaning • refining and grading • washing • de-watering • water circulation • crushing • grain adjustment • screening, classifying • depositing together with you vipeak will provide the most efficient solutions.The vipeak technical infrastructure, with its scientific testing methods and extensive database underpins 2202012125342erous projects.The creative ideas of our engineering team can make a good investment out of your gravel pit from processing to recycling for vipeak recycling means more than the processing of mineral construction waste such as concrete, asphalt or brick debris.Vipeak has commissioned recycling plants for service worldwide, for the most varied sectors and applications.In this the company has proved the highest level of potential, both in its core competency and flexibility from a wide range of examples here are a few of the most important examples: • sorting and processing of construction waste • processing of ld and steel plant slag, reclamation of iron and non-iron elements • processing of waste incineration plant slag the goals set by specific sectors can vary enormously.These range from the production of high-grade construction materials through to re-usable raw materials.It is here that economical with primary raw materials, energy or expensive waste disposal space play such an important role.In individual cases the commercial and environmental considerations for a successful recycling system have to be examined.Even in the initial stages,vipeak can help by offering intelligent concepts and solutions with these considerations in mind.From a (asphalt recycling) to z and back again to a (aggregate production) high performance and commercially viable total solutions from vipeak document the com- pany's high levels of competence and on a global stage.

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