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We Should Pay Attention In Losing Fat Healthly

Women at a time when menstruation comes, basically, there is no need to prohibit participation in physical activities, as long as not a serious menstrual pain, too much blood or dysfunctional uterine bleeding, menstrual period to participate in appropriate sports activities.Moreover, through physical exercise, can effectively improve and enhance the functional state of the body, promote blood circulation, especially to improve the reproductive organs in the pelvic blood circulation and reduce congestion.At the same time, physical activity, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles can be a certain amount of contraction and relaxation activities, but also conducive to menstrual blood discharge.However, the movement of the menstrual period is when it is best to pay attention to the following several points.Reduce intensity: should participate in some sports i usually practice, such as jogging, gymnastics, boxing, table tennis, shooting and other sports.Shorten the time of exercise, slow down, to reduce the amount of exercise, to relax the muscles of the role.Avoid participating in violent and shaking too much movement: menstrual period should not be participating in the high jump and long jump, 100 meters race and soccer movement to participate in, nor push-ups, dumbbell, exercise of the power to increase abdominal pressure, in order to avoid menstrual bleeding or uterine position change.Avoid participating in all kinds of water sports; should not be a cold bath with cold feet, the ministry in order to avoid infection and menstrual disorders.To avoid the competitive game: menstrual period to participate in these sports, and easily due to a high degree of mental stress caused by endocrine dysfunction, menstrual disorders.Therefore, moderate exercise during menstruation can be a weight loss program if there is a small amount of movement can be carried out.During menstruation, many women will be ill.Therefore, in the menstrual period before the arrival of three days, according to their own situation to determine the forms of exercise, to a more soft, soothing, relaxing, stretching movements, such as meditation, yoga, primary forms of exercise, or just do some simple stretching at home.Do some simple the stretching movements.During the campaign, be sure to avoid abdominal pressure, to avoid the leg lift too high.If you feel tired or found bleeding sudden increase in violence reduction, need to immediately stop the movement.

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