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Wear Reason And Maintenance Knowledge Of Jaw Crusher

The jaw crusher teeth plate wear a chisel wear.Pz250-500 jaw crusher teeth plate, for example,ore vibrating feeder the material of the tooth plate is water toughening the standard high-manganese steel.Observe the grinding of the tooth plate can be seen that the surface of the tooth plate is squeezed into the concave and convex portions of the material, then be abrasive pushed to the formation of the pressure of the tongue grinding surface grinding surface can be seen a lot of abrasive sharp corners short-range sliding caused by the scanning electron microscope wear scar, and can see the surface of the tooth plate micro-cracks.After analysis, the main reason for wear of the tooth plate is the abrasive relatively short-range sliding of the tooth plate, cutting metal caused by repeated extrusion of debris and abrasives cause tooth plate material deformation repeatedly,stone crusher leading to metal materials fatigue off and wear failure process: 1.Material is repeatedly squeezed the chisel tooth plate, the surface of the tooth plate, or the formation of micro cracks in a prominent part of the roots of the extruding metal, this microcrack expanding connected, causing the surface of metallic materials off the formation of wear debris.2.Material repeatedly squeezed,china impact crusher resulting in tooth sheet metal materials by local fracturing or reveal their break-up or to reveal part of the formation of wear debris off with the extrusion of impact materials.3.Materials relatively short-range sliding of the tooth plate, cutting tooth plate formation of wear debris.Impact crusher therefore control the wear of the tooth plate from the wear-resistant material hardness and toughness.Hard materials, material extrusion depth, material deformation, cutting the amount of material on the short-range sliding of the material.Toughness and resistance to fracture, to eliminate the the squeezed impact brittle fracture,primary jaw crusher increase resistance to fatigue crack deformation capacity.Different specifications of the size of the jaw crusher, feed size, different sharpness, extrusion of the tooth plate, the force of impact and medium-sized squeeze pressure, should consider the resistance of the material outside the squeeze pressure and anti-slip cutting, also should be considered by the crash impact and bending stress.Large tooth plate selection should be used in high toughness,china dryers good comprehensive performance materials.Failure analysis shows that the tooth plate material should be selected high hardness of the material to resist extrusion from the wear and tear, failure of micro-cutting, and material of sufficient toughness to resist the chisel to cut the impact of fatigue failure.Aggregate jaw crusher at the same time improve the structure of the tooth plate, in order to reduce the relative sliding of the material and the tooth plate, this is not only beneficial to improve productivity, but also beneficial to improve the life of the material.Of course, usually have to pay attention to the maintenance of the jaw crusher:a constant concern of the lubrication and timely friction surface, and then to ensure the normal operation of the crusher and prolong life.Machines commonly used calcium-based grease, users can also be used depending on the location of the machine, temperature, and other types of grease to select other conditions, but it must be good lubrication of the bearing protection.Added 50-70% of the total bearing grease, must be replaced every three months.Oil change, the application of cleaner gasoline and kerosene, and carefully cleared of ball bearing slidesbracket, the bracket before the start of pad contact to grease the crusher.Sand washer supplier:www.China-crusher.Com/sand-washer3.Htmlchina mobile crusher:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/jaw-crusher.Htmlvibratory feeder:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/china-vibrating-feeder.Html.

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