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Wear Resistant Mill Liners Functions Features And Other Associated Things

Before getting started with tips to choose suitable mill liners for your plant, let's first find out 'why line?' installing wear resistant mill liners in an ore girding mill not only protects the outer shell, but the materials used to manufacture the lining units and its design play a very important role in the overall performance of the plant.Using the right lining material and a correct design would help your plant perform well.Conversely, a wrong choice of design and material can lead to increased operational and maintenance cost, poor grinding and excessive consumption of energy.Now it's all up to you, whether you want to install high quality steel or rubber liners and save or don't do anything about it and regret.What more functions do mill linings perform? regardless of the nature of your grinding plant, liners carry out a number of important functions.These functions are important both in the terms of the grinding process and maintenance.Let's take a quick look at the purposes for which liners are used in grinding mills - for providing resistance against corrosion to the surface of the shell for offering resistance to the shell surface against abrasion for improving the texture of the solids for rendering flowablility for improving cleanliness and hygiene inside a plant for preventing wear and tear of the structural components of a milling facility like shell, trunnions and heads, etc.In order to attain all the above mentioned purposes, the linings, irrespective of the types, for example - ceramic or steel mill liners should have some critical features.They are given as under - it should resist the impact created by the grinding platform.It should be both abrasions as well as wear resistant.It should be able to promote the most suitable movement to the charge.Which mill liner to choose? well, it depends on a number of factors.Some of the most common determining factors are given below - charge motion or action needed tumbling platforms size of the feeding materials and products rigidity of an ore availability of raw materials production cost capacity and efficiency of the grinding mill are all liners same? no, not all liners are designed the same.An example would help you fight this confusion.Read on - liners are of different types and are designed to serve different purposes.For example - alloy steel liners are the best for heavy impact loading, whereas cast iron is the most suitable for light loading.Likewise, ribbed versions are used for grinding coarse products and non-ribbed variant are good for finer products.

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