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What're The Vulnerable Parts Of Jaw Crusher

The jaw crusher's crushing plate and side guide plate contact with the materials frequently.It causes intensive abrasion because of material's impacting, rolling and extrusion, which is also the main failure form of the crushing plate and side guide plate.After the crushing plate is worn, the crushed material will become coarse.At this time we can adjust adjusting device in the discharge port to make the movable jaw get close to the fixed jaw so as to obtain the desired production size.In the adjustment, we should loosen spring rod and then adjust the spring tensioning degree properly after the adjustment.It is decided by the motion characteristics of the broken plate that the abrasion of the lower is more serious than the upper.So when the crushing plate's bottom is worn, we can turn around or exchange the upper and the lower for use.Talk about the architectural ceramics, every one must be familiar with it.Like our commonly used interior wall tile, external tile and floor tile etc, those all belong to the scope of architectural ceramics.But you may be not familiar with the production process of architectural ceramics.The function of jaw crusher in the production process of architectural ceramics may be not known by many people.Today we will introduce everyone the irreplaceable role of jaw crusher in the architectural ceramics simply.In the working, the top and bottom two parts of crushing plate has different wearing speed.The bottom part will be worn faster than the top part.When the crushing plate works in the jaw crusher, it contacts with materials directly to bear huge crushing force and friction function of materials.The service life of crushing plate will relate to the working efficiency and production cost of jaw crusher directly.Hence, it is obviously important to lengthen the service life of jaw crusher's crushing plate.Reinforce of service life of jaw crusher can be considered from design, selection of materials, assemble and improvement in the using process etc parts.Hongxing machinery lays much emphasis on the machine quality and service for clients.We provides stone production line, mobile mining plant with good quality, and we believe that quality is the best way to develop market.Thank you! china mobile crushers: http://www.Hx-jawcrusher.Com/pp/pmobile-crusher.Html.

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