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What About The 100000 Tons Grinding Balls Production Line

Grinding steel ball skew rolling mill production line includes the feeder, heating furnace, skew rolling mill, quenching system, tempering system and so on.The skew rolling forming process is a new technology to produce the rotary parts or blanks.It can be used to manufacture the milling steel ball, bearing ball, auto part and other products.Steel ball skew rolling machine is specially designed for the grinding steel balls of different materials such as medium carbon steel, alloy steel etc, which is widely used in the field of mines, gold, copper, bauxite, iron ore, aluminum ore, nonferrous non-ferrous metal ore, metallurgical and mining, cement, thermal power, flue gas desulfurization, magnetic materials, coal water mixture, pellets, superfine powder, slag, fly ash, calcium carbonate, quartz sand etc industries grinding ball or rod miller etc.Equipped with conveyor system and heating furnace, can realize mechanization and automation production.Automatic steel ball skew rolling line without human intervention, automatic production, make sure the stability of the steel ball quality.This line production process contribute to environmental protection, saving energy but high efficiency.Steel balls have precision dimension, good roundness, high hardness and good mechanical properties and high impact toughness, strong crushing ability etc characteristics.Advantages: main body is with good rigidity.Adjust is easy.Locking is solid, high stability.Easy to change guide plate.Production is compete automation, high production efficiency, large output.Low energy consumption, no pollution.No.Equipment name equipments description and function 1 material storage reserve the raw material and automatic feeder system 2 medium frequency induction heating furnace 600-1200kw furnace, heating the steel rod 3 rolling mill system rolling mill, roller universal joint, distribution box, reducer motor, motor mount, rollers, drum axle sleeve made by ourselves, specialized adjustment tools, necessary tool for adjustment to produce steel balls 4 conveyor and hardening system conveyor hoist, frequency speed control.To transport and improve steel balls hardness 5 tempering system to change the steel balls internal stress 6 push-buttom operating console adjust and control the full equipment temperature and speed.7 infrared thermometer imported from raytek usa for real-time monitoring the heating temperature, quenching temperature and quenching water temperature of the hot-rolled steel ball.By plc automatic control system, the user can set up the data to automatically adjust electric power and the motor speed for quench frequency control.

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