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What Are Stone Crusher Machines Cost

Stone crushing machine refers to the crushing machinery that the content of discharging material which is greater than 3mm in granularity, accounts for above 50% of total discharging quantity.Crushing operation is classified into rough crushing, middle crushing, and fine crushing in terms of feeding discharging granularity.Most often used sandstone equipments are jaw stone crusher, counter stone crusher, impact stone crusher, composite stone crusher, single-section hammer stone crusher, hammer-encircling stone crusher, cone stone crusher, twin-roll stone crusher, and so on.Types and working characters of stone crushing machine jaw crusheris a stone crushing machine which roughly or finely crushes material of all hardness with the aid of compression and flexural action of two jaw plates to material.The organization of crushing stone is consisted of fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate.When two jaw plates are nearing, material is crushed.When two jaw plates leaves, lump material which is less than discharging gate is discharged from bottom.The crushing action is undergoing intermittently.This stone crusher is widely used in ore beneficiation, building material, silicate, ceramics, and other industry departments, due to its advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, good crushing capacity.Cone stone crusher applies to the stone crushing machinery with middle crushing or fine crushing operation.The requirement of discharging granularity of middle and fine crushing is more higher than that of rough crushing in uniformity.Therefore, a parallel zone must to be set at the bottom of crushing chamber.Meanwhile, turning speed of crushing awl must be accelerated, so as to easy to be compressed for more than one time in parallel zone.Crusher cost roll stone crusher uses friction force of roll surface to bite material into crushing zone, which causes it to bear crushing machinery because of compression or splitting.When it is used for rough crushing or requested to increase crushing ratio, teeth and grooves are often done to roll surface to increase splitting effect.Roll stone crusher is often classified as single roll, two-roll, and multi-roll stone crusher in terms of numbers of roll, which applies to rough crush, middle crush or fine crush the material with middle hardness or below, such as coal, limestone, cement clinker, and feldspar.Hammer stone crusher is characterized of big crushing ratio, even discharging granularity, low energy consumption, and so on.Because hammer is quick to be worn, it has restricted to application of hard material crushing; besides, because grid section is afraid of being blocked, it is unfit for using it to crush the material with high humidity and clay.Such stone crusher is often used for crushing fragile material with middle hardness or below, such as limestone, shale, coal, plaster, chalk, and so on.Counter stone crusher is a kind of machine, which uses high-speed impact of board drop hammer and rebound effect of counter board to repeatedly impact material to be crushed.Board drop hammer is fixed at rotor with high-speed rotation, and several counter boards are equipped along with different angle of crushing chamber.Counter stone breaker is fit for soft material, as well as material with great hardness.Board drop hammer of counter crusher is firmly fixed on rotor by using mechanical clamping structure, when rotor is rotating, it has great rotating inertia.Compared with hammer crusher, rotor of counter crusher has more greater momentum, which applies to crush harder material, and energy consumption is low.Impact crusher is easy to flexibly adjust discharging granularity, adjustment range is wide.Counter crusher can flexibly adjust discharging granularity by different ways, such as adjust rotor speed, adjust counter board, and gap of grinding chamber, etc.Gap can be adjusted by mechanical or hydraulic pressure, hydraulic pressure regulatory system can easily finish the gap adjustment by on-the-spot operating button or hauling control system.But hammer crusher adjusts discharging granularity only by changing bottom sieve plate.Composite stone crusher applies to building material, mining industry, metallurgy, chemical industry for crushing limestone( limestone crusher ), clinker, coal, other ores, its compressive strength is no more than 140 megapascals, humidity is no more than 15%.Coal crusher the above mentioned stone crushers are often used in all kinds of engineering, mine, and other industries, it can basically meet the operation for rough crushing, middle and fine crushing of all ores.No matter what produces crushed stone material for highway, railway, or sand making for construction, it can be realized by different combination modes.To crush stone into even particles, complete production line is often required.For specific model selection and price, please contact our online customer service, we will serve for you with all sincerity.

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