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What Are The Top 5 Massages In A Spa

The importance you think of relaxation, the first thing comes to your mind is spa.Today, spa is the best place were you can get the best relaxation in your mind.When comes to spa, the massage is the best part for your relaxations.Although, massages are not only for relaxation, it is also helps for your healthy living.Thai: every massage is for relaxation, but thai massage is variant from other massages.It also known as thai yoga massage.Normally, it is performed on a floor mat.The professional therapist uses his legs, hands, knees and feet that move you into a yoga-like stretches.It does not need any oil for the massage.Benefits: reduces stress improves blood circulation helps in muscle compression and joint mobilization increases energy and flexibility shiatsu one of the most useful types of massage is this swedish massage.It is also called as finger pressure.In shiatsu , pressure with hands, elbows, thumbs, knees or feet is involved to pressure spots on the body.Benefits: improves circulation relief from headaches reduces problems with shoulders and stiff neck promotes healing from similar injuries and sprains body it is to focus on all over the body.It is covering from head to toe.Body massage is the most common type of massage in a spa and all over the world.The spa therapists, normally combined with different massage techniques , such as deep tissue, aromatherapy, hot stone or any other massage techniques.Benefits: release stress and tension skin improve better sleep improved circulation swedish when you compare to other massage, swedish massage is completely different.It has five major techniques called as rubbing, gliding, kneading, shaking and pounding.The role of a swedish massage is to relax the total body.It is an oil based massage, so the therapists in a spa use an essential oils or lotions.It is suit the clients skin type.Normally, it is done on a massage table.Benefits: improves blood circulation increasing the level of oxygen in the blood decreases stress levels and helps you relax decreases muscle toxins foot the foot massage implicates applying pressure to particular points on the feet that affect different parts of the body.In a spa, the professional therapists will apply traditional sports and swedish techniques at the calf, foot and upper leg.Benefits: improves circulation promotes better sleep fight depression enhances immunity peaceful.

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