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What Factors Do Affect Liner Wear Of Ball Mill

The rubber lining plate is short for rubber lining plate used on the ball mill machine both ends and barrel, it is called rubber liner and rubber lining.The complete set of rubber lining plate consists of end liner plate (strengthened type is lattice plate), ends promotion bar, center ring (strengthened type is center guard plate), padding, barrel promotion bar (mould layer), shell liner, manhole door, fastener piece and so on.Ball mill is one of the essential part of mineral processing equipment.Many users of ball mill complains that the liner plate of a ball mill is with short service life and a high production costs.Henan hongji mining machinery summed up key factors influencing the liner wear of a ball mil based on years of production experience, which as a reference for the users of ball mill.Hope it can help the users avoid a similar situation in production and prolong the service life of ball mill liner plate.The key factors influencing the liner wear of a ball mill generally include the following several points: 1, the impact of media material the generally used crushing media mateial include: various mine materials (manganese, copper, tungsten ore, chrome ore, etc.), various types of stone (limestone, granite, gneiss, basalt, gray rock, etc.) and industry coal used in power.The hardness of the media is the main basis that determines the liner plate wear, the higher hardness of the media, the shorter service life of the liner, on the contrary, if the media is with a lower hardness, the service life of the liner will be prolonged.2, the impact of operating conditions 1) eliminate defects not timely.2) adjusting undeservedly makes the ball mill running at a short positions.3, the impact of liner material the main parameters affecting the anti-wear effect is matching of the two index of hardness and impacting toughness of liner material.If the liner plate has a higher hardness, which means it has a good wear resistance, and the two factor basically is a proportional relationship.The impacting energy depends on the size of the diameter of steel ball and grinding tube.4, the impact of the ball mill's designing and manufacturing and the installing quality.The performance of the lining plate generally include the following two: one is to protect the cylinder; another is that the liner plate rotates at a specific speed to raise the ball to the required height to achieve the desired effect.Ball mills used in the mineral processing industry grind input ore into finer output.However, during this grinding process, ball mill element wear affects grinding performance.Wear models are developed in order to determine how a ball charge size distribution and liner profiles change as a result of wear.Specifically, it was possible to model and then to simulate ball charge and liner wear, two factors that determine ball mill non-stationary behaviour, using results from a ball charge motion model.The ball charge wear model incorporates adhesive and abrasive wear as a function of energy dissipated in crushing, tumbling and grinding zones of the charge motion profile.The liner wear model incorporates abrasive wear with centrifugal and gravitational forces acting on mill liners.Simulation results shows how a ball size distribution evolves in time as well as how two different liner profiles change over time.These results allow for further work in ball mill optimization as a function of this non-stationary mill behaviour.Ball mill:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/21.Htmlball mills:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/21.Html rotary dryers:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/21.Htmlcombination crusher:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_16.Html.

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