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What Is Influencing Your Production Capacity

The screen machine is a commonly-used auxiliary mining machine.It has been widely used in mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical industry for product classification.Henan is the hometown of mining machinery, there are a lot of mining and engineering machines manufacturers here, and in addition, the quality is excellent and the price is most competitive compared with products from other provinces.And what is more, the machine manufactured by hongxing machinery has been popular home and abroad.It can screen a lot of material, in addition to stone quarry; it can also be used for coal.It has a variety of specifications, two-story, three-story, and four-story, which depends on the needs of the customers.Of course, the mesh can be set according to customer"s needs.If it is necessary, we can spray water onto it for viscous material, or washing away the dust on the material.It is necessary in the sand making plant or stone crushing line.Also it can be used alone.As one of the manufacturer of mining equipment in henan, hongxing machinery produces varieties of vibrating screen, the output and energy-consuming produced our company reach the national standard and wining the customers" recognition.There are many factors which can influence the sand maker"s production capacity, so how can we improve the efficiency? we must solve the problem by meeting the requirements of designing, installation and operation.It is the same goal of customers and manufactures to overcome all the obstacles and develop the strengths.Firstly, in the design, we choose one considering the material.While, the common machine is made of steel wire, rubber, steel board by punching meshes as well as polyurethane.The relationship between wear-resisting level and material is close.The moisture has effect on the its operation.For example coal, if the moisture is high, the sieve pit will be blocked.When installed, the angle must be 0-20degree, and the sieve grate will be 40-50degree.At last, in order to keep high efficiency, when operating it, we should keep feeding evenly and continuously.Hongxing machinery impact crusher is an excellent device, our designers will teach the customers to operate the equipment and we will try our best to improve the efficiency through the series of designing, installation, operation as well.As necessary screening equipment, there are two kinds, one is linear and the other is circular.So what factors affecting its working process? hongxing will give analysis of it.There are two factors affecting it.The first is the nature of the material; the second is the impact machine.There are many stones in our screening material, among which are the size and distribution of stones; particle density, material density, hardness, compressive strength; internal friction coefficient, water content and so on.The machine has its own influence on the screen surface, the movement of surface and particles, the operating conditions.Vibrating screen:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_56.Htmlsand maker:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/58.Html.

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