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What Is Lampworking

To be hands on and to get very creative lampworking is an excellent way to go, this technique is also known as flameworking or torchworking as oil fueled lamps are no longer used.What are lampwork beads what will i need to make lampwork beads at home what can i do with lampwork beads what are lampwork beads? lampwork beads are made using glass cane and a gas-fueled torch.  so for adults only!  basically glass rods are heated over a torch and wound onto thin metal rods called mandrels.  where the mandrel was leaves a hole which now makes the glass rod become a bead.When in a molten state shapes are formed out of the glass by using tools, hand movements, gravity, and blowing, etc.  the skill required will require patience and lots of practice.Will i be able to make my own at home? yes, but it can be expensive.  first, i'd recommend being taught one to one with somebody already skilled.  they will tell you all you need to know about the high level of skill involved, materials to buy and most important safety.And this leads us onto what comes second.  i would advise to wear protection for your eyes, lower arms and a leather or rubber apron that goes past your knees before buying any equipment or tools you will need.  safety should always come first! third, you do not need a kiln.  you will need a gas-fueled torch.  the torch is often bolted down and you work the glass cane around the torch so you will also need adequate workspace.  marvers (flat surfaces) made of graphite or steel so the glass can be rolled, etc.Finally, the glass itself.  the most common glass is soda-lime glass which is sometimes called 'soft glass' and borosilicate glass which is conversely often called 'hard glass'.What can i do with lampwork beads?you can make unique pieces of jewellery.  it is also much more fun than buying beads ready done.The benefit to lampwork beads are that you can:- have beads in a variety of colours use presses to create shapes in the glass use stringers (or fibres of glass) to create dots or lines use a sharp tool to make hearts, flowers or stars, etc also, once cooled beads can be decorated further e.G. polishing for a smooth finish, etc.Finally, as a sidenote, glassblowing is different to lampworking, in glassblowing a blowpipe is used.

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