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What Is Raymond Mill

A grinding mill is a type of machine which is used to break solid material into smaller fractions or pieces mostly in form of powder for the use in different applications of industry.There are different types of mills available these days for many materials, all for different purposes and functions.Previously these mills were powered by hand using motors but nowadays it is powered by electricity.The grinding of solid material is done by using mechanical forces which crush the structure of solid material by breaking the attached bonds which results in changing the shape of solid and giving the desired grain.These grains can be of different shapes and composition depending on the required material.It is used for one of the following functions like increasing of surface region of solid, making of solid with necessary grain size or just for the purpose of grinding.In general it requires large magnitude of energy to crush the solid into pieces.Different types of mill machines are available with different functions one of them is raymond mill.Raymond mill is a vertical shape ring roll mill with more features rather just than grinding.With grinding of solid it also used for drying, purification and clarifying features.It is appropriate for producing mineral concentrate particles which is extensively used in mining, metallurgy, construction materials and chemical industries.It is also used for grinding particles whose stiffness degree is below 7.Furthermore the materials humidity should be 6% and are inflammable and non explosive materials.The final size of the produced materials is adjustable according to the needs.Its structure consists mainly of separator which is used to separate the residue, pipeline systems that are used to carry the materials into different processes, jaw crusher which is used to crush the particles of solid in desired size and finally the blower which is used to dry up the heated materials.The overall transmission of raymond mill is steady, dependable and efficient enough to carry out the functions.Furthermore it is centrally operated and controlled by electric system which is suitable to operate.It is an ideal solution for all the grinding or size reduction needs of the industry that uses the deformation of solid into other transforms.Perfect applications are making of clays like fire clays hydrated lime, ceramic, hard glass, phosphate and hard talc.It is also available in custom designs to best suit the desired applications.

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