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What You Need To Know About Making A 'breakfast Braai'

Everyone loves a good braai, there's no doubt about that! but what happens when those old-school recipes start tasting a bit boring? you shake things up, of course! introducing this delicious recipe for making a healthy, filling 'breakfast braai'.Follow it step by step and you are guaranteed a memorable, mouth-watering taste sensation.Ingredients 8 eggs ½ a bottle of jalapenos 310 g of butter beans 1 tin of sweet onion relish 1 tin of traditional braai relish 2 red onions, finely chopped 1 kg of ostrich mince 3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped 2 packs of chorizo sausage a sprinkling of cheddar cheese salt and pepper, to taste extra virgin olive oil your favourite savoury seasoning mix method start your coal fire and grab a sturdy cast iron pot.Scrape your chopped garlic and onions into the pot and place it on the grill over the coals.Allow the garlic and onion to sweat for a few minutes before removing from the pot and setting aside.Place the meat (ostrich and chorizo) into the pot and leave to cook until done.Once done, add your relish (sweet onion relish and traditional braai relish) and as much of the garlic and onion as you wish, depending on your flavour preferences.Add a bit of water if the consistency seems to be a bit thick.Next, add the butter beans and the jalapenos.Leave to simmer for a minute or two before cracking in each of the eggs.Ensure that the eggs are nicely spread out.Place the lid onto the cast iron pot and, if possible, place a few coals on top of the pot to ensure an even distribution of the heat.After five minutes, or slightly longer if you prefer your eggs well done, carefully remove the coals from the top of the pot and transport it to the table.Taste your creation just before serving.Add salt and pepper if necessary, as well as your favourite savoury seasoning mix, and finish off with a generous sprinkling of cheddar cheese.Enjoy! 1 this recipe serves up to six people and can be adapted according to your own personal tastes.For instance, if you cannot get your hands on ostrich mince, regular beef mince will do just fine.If you are not a fan of anything that is too spicy, simply remove the jalapenos from the ingredient list and enhance the flavour with a few delicious spices instead.Sources 1 http://blogs.Food24.Com/basilcouscouswasabi/2015/03/25/west-coast-breakfast-pot/.

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