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Where Will Impact Crusher Go In The Future

This machine is a kind of new type high efficiency crushing equipment.It has the features of small volume, simple structure, and big reduction ratio, high production capacity, production size well-distributed; also have the selective crushing effect.It is promising equipment.But its biggest drawback is the hammer and the back plate particularly easy to wear, especially when crushing hard rock, wear and tear is more serious, so it needs for frequent replacement.At present, in some metal concentrator has been applied because of the emergence of a number of wear-resistant materials crusher's history dates back to the 1850s, when the world's first jaw type crusher was born in the united states.Soon, with the development of productive forces, this crusher can't meet the needs of crushing cracking technology, so based on this jaw breaking machine, people designed this machine.How does it work? when the mineral impact crusher works, the motor drives the rotor rotate with high speed, on the rotor where installed the hammers.When the materials get into the area which the hammers affect, under the impact function of the hammer at a high speed, the materials are thrown to the impact device above the rotor continuously.And then the materials are rebounded from the impact liner to the area where the hammers effects for being re-crushed.The materials from large to small all to be crushed at the impact chamber repeatedly.The process won"t stop till the material are crushed to the required size and then discharged from outlet.The main advantages: large inlet orifice, high crushing chamber, high hardness of adapts materials, less powder products.New type hammer, big impulse force.Hammer shaft are adjustable, longer-lived of hammerhead.Cell size is adjustable; particle size is controllable and good particle shape.Crusher chassis can be overturned, easier to maintain.Square shank screw bolt, shock and fret resistance.Firstly, we need do some improvements for existing crusher structure; improve the crusher on the hard stone crushing capacity and ease of maintenance.Mainly focus on improvement of hammer and rotor structure, in order to facilitate the replacement board and hammer mounted card, counter-attack aircraft (the crushing chamber shaped) structure optimization? increasing energy efficiency is the most important.Secondly, research and develop new kind hammer plate material which is high toughness, high wear-resistant, and increase productivity.Thirdly, application of modern mechanical technology and control methods (as hydraulics and electronics), continuously improve the crusher automation level; reduce the labor intensity, productivity gain.For example, application of modern computer-aided design optimization of the structural parameters of counter frames improve energy efficiency and broken rates of ore.Fourth, in order to meet market and customer needs, jaw crusher is normalized to the series, large-scale development.Fifth, adhere to technical innovation, gradually emerging from a single product introduction and imitation.Improve the crusher independent knowledge of the r & d.Thousands of hongxing sand maker are installed all over the world in recent 20 years.It has been proved that this series of crushers not only effectively increase productivity and final product quality, but also greatly reduce the investment costs and operation costs.Unmatched excellent performance is shown in the secondary crushing, tertiary crushing and material recovery.Jaw breaker:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/1.Html sand washer:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/16.Html.

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