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Which Company Produce Best Briquette Press Machine

Are you looking for briquette press machine? if yes then you are landed on a correct page.Today we are going to tell you much more about briquette machines.So before buying a briquette press machine you definitely want to know about it.Now definitely you know about it that's why you want to buy it but we are here to tell you about the best briquette press machine, how it works, basic functions and more.So are you ready? briquette machines are used to make briquette out of agricultural and forest waste.Know that the briquette term is used when we are reducing something which is bulk in size says bulk density raw material.Most of the people briquette things to increase the calorific value and also it is easily transportable too.If you look for best briquette press machines then you will find tons of companies which offer the best press machines but are they really produce best briquette machines? well, maybe or maybe not.We are presenting ecostan's briquette press machines.So what is special in this.Actually, if you are aware of little about such machines then you will be glad to know that ecostan briquette press machines produce amazing quality briquettes that too without using any chemical or binder.Actually to briquette or compact the raw material ecostan briquette press machine using a high-pressure mechanical punch.Although while the contraction of raw material, the temperature rise adequately to create the stuff emancipate the various adhesives that may encouragement in protective the bits along within the compressed form.This is why this technology is called binder less technology.Ecostan has more than 22 years of experience in this field.So don't you think they know the industry better than anyone because 22 years is a lot.They do proper r&d to produce briquette press machines.Ecostan machines are produced under the special supervision of experienced engineers who are using hi-tech japanese machines to keep an eagle eye on each machine.From big to any small problem is detected by these machines in seconds.Briquetting press machines are available in the magnitude of 40mm to 100mm.You can choose it according to your requirement.It will produce 325 kg per hour to 2500 kg per hour.It all depends on different types so feedstock.We also invent huge automatic online production plant.Furthermore, other vernacular names of briquette press machine are saw dust, tuda machines.Gulla machine, gitti machine, briquette machines, rice husk, jumbo machine, screw briquette machine, mud press, briquette press.Primary it is called everest 100 (2500 kg per hour), supreme 90(2000 kg per hour), bull 80(1500 kg per hour), standard 70(1300 kg per hour), classic 60(1000 kg per hour) and prime 40(325 kg per hour).Talking about its power requirements then they need 89 hp, 86.5 ho, 71.5 hp, 59 hp, 47 hp, and 18 hp respectively.Now coming to ecostan.It is a company which is one of the most reputed names in briquetting plant manufacturer.They provide complete briquetting solutions.As above that company has 22 years of experience and they are still the best because they better understand the new technology.Apart from producing briquetting press machines company is also famous for producing an amazing quality of chipper grinder, pellet machine, dust separator, flash dryer, conveyor system, vibrating machine, four shaft shredder, hammer grinder, rotary dryer and much more.

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