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White Coal Project Eco Friendly Fuel Generation For Better Tomorrow

Tons of ton of agriculture waste is generated each year in the environment.Utilizing the wide range of forestry waste, agro waste, and industrial waste lower the cost of imports and save foreign currency.The agricultural waste in the form of the solid white fuel is the best alternative energy source.What is a white coal? while coal is a form of bio-fuel generated via agro or forest waste including cotton hulls, groundnut shells, forest leaves, rice husks, paddy straws, sugarcane bagasse, coffee husk, sunflower waste, bajra cobs, castor seeds, mustard waste, wood chips & shavings.It is different from that of the black coal and charcoal and generates more heat as compared to the green wood when you burn it.Production of white coal: biomass is collected and compressed under the large pressure by using the white coal press or pellet machine to convert it into white coal.If the raw material size is small, it is directly fed into the white coal machine by the conveyor.But if it's large, then it must be crushed first into the crusher.Finally, it is fed into the briquetting machine to convert it into the solid cylindrical shape logs i.E.Eco-friendly biomass briquettes.Advantages of white coal: white coal is the best replacement of the fossil fuels, and the specific power consumption per metric ton is also much less.It produces less ash (10-15%) and sulfur content.Also, remember that the fly ash generated by coal is deadly, but the ash generated by white fuel is non-hazardous.The combustion is much more uniform as compared to fuel and boiler.White coal produced via white coal machine has high thermal value, easy to transport, and has better quality in contrary to other fuels.White coal has the same properties as the black bustard fuel or conventional fuel.It is less polluting and the abundantly available in nature.It is also cheaper for production.Many industries are using the white coal to reduce their carbon credit and increase their revenue.White coal also acts as the great substitute of the firewood, thus lowering deforestation.There is no chemical present in white coal, therefore there are no release of toxic gases.The calorific thermal value of fuel briquettes is near about 3500 -4000 kcal/kg.How white coal project help farmers generate an additional income? due to its eco-friendly features, government at both central and state levels offers a lot of special incentives for its opening.This project also generates excellent awareness among people for the requirements and scope of the renewable energy in the near future.Plus the banks and other financial agencies are offering the loan facilities to make the maximum applicants for a subsidy for the biomass plant project in india.

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