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White Coal Project Sustainable Project That Fights Pollution

Deforestation and fossil fuel burning have resulted in a massive increase in global warming, which further causes a threat to natural resources.Due to this, human health is deteriorating very rapidly.Thus, the concerns for the sustainable life have made people to find the alternative ways for global warming.White coal bio coal or biomass briquettes) made from white coal machine is the green alternative solution that can be used as the replacement of the fossil fuels in the boilers, kilns, combustors, and for cooking as well.Importance of white coal project biomass is one of the crucial sources of renewable energy.As you know, india has a huge volume of for renewable energy sources.Near about 500 million metric tons of biomass energy is produced each year and it is used inefficiently.Biomass combustion face issues during the storage, handling, and transportation as they are more prone to moisture.Also, the combustion of raw coal emits harmful emissions such as nitrogen oxides (nox) and sulfur dioxide (so2) that are the leading causes of environmental pollution like acid rain, climate change, and global warming.Biomass briquettes biomass briquettes is the solid bio-fuel made from the biomass or renewable waste materials like cotton hulls, straws, groundnut shells, castor seeds, forest leaves, rice husk, wood chips, paddy straw, sugarcane bagasse, mustard waste, etc.The high-density briquette fuels have high combustion properties, calorific value, and physic-mechanical properties as compared to the lignite, wood, and coal.It is also economical, leaves low ash and easily transportable.This non-conventional source of energy needs no chemicals or binder, so it means that it is 100 percent natural.These bio-briquettes are also resistant to water degradation, so it also solves the problem faced with the burning of the wet coal.Method of briquetting: the waste material is delivered into the white coal machine.It is then transferred to the motor and pressed under the high load by the piston and cylinder.The compression hikes the temperature of the material and makes it soft by releasing lignin that binds the material together.The result you get is the ecological biomass briquettes or white coal.Why produce white coal? -save foreign currency -high profit -better growth potential -early payback period -valuable for the farmers as they can earn remunerative income by selling agro or forest waste, thus improving their living standard -easy to source -renewable and eco-friendly -easy production -solves residual disposal problem -reduce dependency on the fossils -fights deforestation -no fly ash while burning briquettes -high burning efficiency -low ignition temperature in comparison to coal -less money spend on forestation programmes uses: its applications include industries like solvent extraction plants, paper mills, vegetable plants, textile units, dying house, chemical plant, food processing units, sugarcane mills, milk plants, leather industries, etc.

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