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Why Do You Need To Buy Briquette Machine

If you are planning on the purchase of a briquette machine because someone suggested you so, then you want to know what is briquette machine and why do you need it? it is an industrial machine which is used to make briquette out of any forest and agricultural waste.First, understand the term briquette.It means reducing any bulk density raw material into dense form.This will make it easy for transportation and burn purpose too as the briquetting process will increase the calorific value of the raw material.Now all briquette machines will not give the desired results, so you need to be very careful before picking up any machine.We are recommending you this because such tools are costly and require a decent amount of space for installation.To save your time we want to introduce with ecostan's briquette machine.Ecostan is one of the famous company which provides factory based solutions like briquetting machine, micromax combo, shredder, chipper grinder, wood chopper, hammer grinder, rotary drum dryer, flash dryer, dust separator, vibrating tool, and conveyor system.Here we are talking about briquette machine, right? it don't use any chemical or binder to make quality briquettes.Instead of this, it turns the raw material into the compact form using a high pressurized mechanical punch.However, throughout the contraction of the fabric, the temperature rise adequately to form the material emancipate the various adhesives which will encourage protective the bits along within the compressed form.This is the main reason why this is called binder less technology.Ecostan has more than 22 years of experience and no need to say that company has enough experience to deliver the best products.The company knows every in and out of the industry and stays updated with the latest technology.The company prefers to do a dedicated research and development before introducing a new device in the market.It helps them to manufacture only best quality products.All machines are constructed under the supervision of highly qualified engineers who are further taking help of japanese hi-tech technology.The briquette machine can be found in the magnitude boundary of 40mm to 100mm.This contributes to fulfilling the client requirement, for instance, it gives the production up to 2500 kg/hr.It depends on various feedstock and also company promises to fabricate gigantic online production plant.Here you need to note down that the acceptable amount of moisture should not more than 12 percent in raw material which you are going to use for briquetting.Furthermore, the different vernacular names of briquette machine are mud press, briquetting machine, gull machine, gutti machines, rice husk briquette machines, tuda machine, jumbo machines, saw dust machine and more.Ecostan primarily calls them everest 100, supreme 90, bull 80, standard 70, classic 60 and prime 40.All these are the model of briquette machine and gives you the production of 2500 kg/hr, 2000 kg/hr, 1500 kg/hr,1300 kg/hr, 1000 kg/hr, and 325 kg/hr with the power requirement of 116 hp, 86.5 hp, 71.5 hp, 59 hp, 47 hp, and 18 hp.We hope you know enough about briquette machine.Now if you want to buy it for your firm or factory then immediately contact the ecostan to get the best in a most fantastic deal.Apart from this if you want more tools then feel free to visit our site for more options.

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