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Why Food Trucks Are Popular Among Foodies

The food industry is changing every day.Still, people are demanding more and more.Food is eaten not just for hunger, it is largely eaten for that exhilarating experience! food is everything, but for some, it is also the atmosphere from where it is taken matters! for that 'exclusive some,' called the super gourmet, created new concepts and hard driven ideas.Here, for those happy-go-lucky foodies, one super idea is the food truck! what is it? a food truck is a vehicle - mostly a large van, equipped with a kitchen and a counter to cook and sell food.Though this business is said to be 150 years old, the trucks are now seen strikingly matured and perfectly adapted to the present-day demands and latest trends! food truck menu is just simple! it mostly serves quick eats like sandwiches, burgers, tacos, ice creams, drinks and other regional street food and fast food items.Growth in the wake of new concepts like temporary restaurants or popup restaurants, or other new ideas and activities in event catering businesses, these trucks have now started serving ethnic main course dishes, bringing further improvements and new phenomenon in the industry! for anyone who is riding on a fast world this is the most convenient way of dining.And, it does not mean you have to compromise on comfort, style, quality and hygiene.Wedding functions, birthday parties, festivals, or you name any event, truck food offers you the most satisfying food experience at an affordable cost! meet your chef; watch how your food is made! you always have a chance of shaking hands with your chef, and watch his tricks and techniques and how he prepares your food! you can ask your chef to add that extra cheese or for that extra spice, or even customize your dish! it does not stop there, you can meet new people! say, "hi!" to the stranger standing next to you.Yes, you can make new friends, and build friendship! social activity blended with good food at inexpensive cost is the specialty of truck food eating! where you find? the nomadic nature of the truck offers you that surprise element! you do not know where and when you are going to find the truck and your favourite food that it offers.You may stumble upon one on your way to your friends' house, or while taking a stroll on the street, or even while travelling to eat your lunch at a standard restaurant! the social media has provided the platform for both the truck food entrepreneurs and the food lovers to meet each other in a fixed place, at a fixed time.The advertisement of the arrival of the food truck in your area or at your favourite location can be seen on your social media websites! riders cafe have you ever tasted a truck food inside a themed temporary restaurant? or ever wanted to see the place where the rustic world meets the lusty food! just visit a nearby rider's cafe! rider cafes are theme restaurants where a standard restaurant or a temporary restaurant is set up in an unusual atmosphere.Riders' favourite vehicles - from motorbikes to bicycles, and to any motor vehicle, is displayed around you, and you enjoy both your food and the primitive or picturesque atmosphere! the dining table could even find a place in the midst of a stable and things about horse riding, or could get amalgamated in the classic set up of those vintage elements! though this type of dining is very common around the world, only at few places, theses theme restaurants provide that unique food experience! and, it is your duty to find which one is the best! motorcycle coffee shop! the pleasure of motorcycle riding can never be explained in words.And, it is said that a real motorcycle enthusiast can never be a food connoisseur! but, this saying is proved false at the motorcycle cafe! here, every ones favourite is the coffee that is meticulously brewed! you find gleaming glasses; manly motor cycles, the rustic tone of motorcycle mechanism and the business of it, all guaranteeing a distinct setting that makes a difference in the taste of food and drink that you never choose to miss!.

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