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Why You Need To Buy Ecostan's Hammer Grinder

Before moving to hammer grinder let's talk about hammermill, so what is hammermill actually? hammermill is a kind of mill which obviously reflects via it's name.It is used to crush or shred aggregate material is tiny pieces by repeated thrashing of small hammers.In many industries hammermills have sorts of applications like: ehthanol plants (grains), fluff pulp defiberizing, grinding used shipping pallets for muluch, sawmills, shredding scrap automobiles, crushing large rocks, farm machine for livestock, fruit juice production, milling grain, shredding paper, shredding paper, shredding yard, and waste management.It sounds too much right, now how to decide which kind of mill is best for you? well it is not so difficult.All you need to just note down your needs and start with basics.Today we are going to tell you about a hammer mill which is not just compact but very powerful.Ecostan produces powerful hammer mill grinders which you can used to grind waste materials.It could be anything from agricultural waste to forest waste to biodegradable waste.Our machine will turn down the waste into powder form and the best part is you can fix the density.Now it completely up to you how much size you want.For your information hammer mills is more like an iron drum which has horizontal and vertical rotating shaft on which tiny hammers are integrated.These hammers are free to swing at end of the central rotor.The rotor rotates at full speed meanwhile waste material is fed using conveyor.The material is then clashed with tiny hammers which shredded it you can check the size of shredded material through screen.This simple feature allows you to stop the machine when you get your desired size.As above mentioned generally hammer machines comes in industrial size which may be expensive and too much for small scale.To deal with this problem we have different size of hammer mills which fits according to your needs.This will not just justify your pocket but also give your exact result what you are looking for.We are manufacturing many solutions which help to solve your problems.Furthermore hammer grinder vernacular names are maize grinder, briquette grinders, hammer grinders, hammer crushers, groundnut shell grinder, powder maker, hammer mills and more.Meanwhile have a look on our all models and pick the one which suits you best.Hammer grinder with cyclone model no.Production power requirements hmg8 9,000 kg/h 183.5 hp hmg7 7,500 kg/h 159 hp hmg6 5,000 kg/h 134 hp hmg5 2,500 kg/h 55 hp hmg4 2,000 kg/h 42.5 hp hmg3 1,300 kg/h 35 hp hmg2 600 kg/h 22 hp hmg1300 kg/h 12.5 hp apart from this, we are manufacturing other industrial machines like shredder, wood chopper, rotary drum dryer, dust separator, conveyor systems, micromax combo, briquetting machine, wood chopper, hammer grinder, flash dryer and vibrating systems.So this is all about hammer mills if you have any question or want to know more about our machines then feel free to contact us.

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