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Coal mining is an important way for us to get coal resources.Therefore, applying a central command system---electro-hydraulic control system to the coal mining equipment---powered support is very significant for the safety production of fully-mechanized working face and improving automaticity of coal mining.By september of last year, the first set of electro-hydraulic control system with our own intellectual property has been used underground for six months, and has undergone two face shifts, but performs very well; some performances are even higher than the international level.This means that the electro-hydraulic control system developed by hongxing machinery is qualified for industrial promotion and application and reaches a landmark in the developing history of fully-mechanized coal mining equipment in china.In recent years, the world coal resource strains thus stimulate a coal mining rush and spur the coal mining machinery manufacturing industry.Meanwhile, coal mining technique develops from blasting, half-mechanized, fully-mechanized gradually to electrified, automatic and numerical control mining methods.Thus, the high and new technology and ball mill equipment become the international competition focus.Hongxing machinery attaches great importance to establishing and consolidating the high-tech researching system and invested over 400 million rmb for the renewal of the hardware environment required by high-tech development so as to ensure the advanced designing and researching method.Since the 21st century, our company has been developing high-end long wall supporting products---electro-hydraulic control powered support with large mining height and supporting density.This electro-hydraulic control technology with initiative intellectual property will end the situation that this technology and product used in china were imported overseas for a long period.Furthermore, it has great significance for the safety production at the long wall working face and improving the automaticity of coal mining.Innovation stimulates market development: our company applies innovating thinking in technology researching and market development and provides customized vibrating screen product developing service for customers.This work provides continuous power for our development in the high-end field of domestic coal mining machinery manufacturing industry.Gradually, we established the powered support system with initiative intellectual property and created several firsts: total output of powered supports ranks first in the world; working resistance and maximum supporting height of powered support rank first in the world; total industrial output value ranks first in the coal mining machinery industry; market share of powered support ranks first in china; technical development and design method of powered support rank first in china.With the most advanced technology, hongxing promotes the development of domestic coal mining supporting equipment like dryer machine and wins the market share.In year 2000, total industrial output value was 111 million rmb and reached 4215 million rmb in year 2008, that is to say, the growth rate of our total industrial output value keeps 60% for 8 years.Now, our annual production capacity is over 12000 powered supports.Ball mill: http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/20.Htmlvibrating screen: http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/40.Html.

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