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Working Process Of Grinding Mill Production Line

Our company has designed and produced seven types of grinding mills according to fineness of final product, china cement mill capacity and various industrial uses.Fineness rang is between 0.005mm and 2mm, the highest capacity is about 100 t/h, dry and wet production can be realized.The following technical standard must be consulted when choosing grinding mill type:1.Limestone rotary kilnfineness of final product2.Capacity per hour3.Industrial use of final productchoose suitable grinding mill according to each machine feature, after these technical standards are definite.Working flowlarge materials are crushed by jaw crusher to the needed sizes firstly, and then the materials are elevated to storage hopper by bucket elevator, thirdly,stone jaw crusher the materials are fed into the grinding chamber for grinding by vibrating feeder evenly and continuously.The powder after grinding goes upwards together with the airflow, after separated by powder separator, the powder which can meet the fineness requirement enters into the cyclone powder collector through pipe together with the airflow, and then is discharged from the discharge valve as final product.Ball mill the airflow is sucked into centrifugal blower through wind recycling pipe at the upper part of cyclone powder collector.The mainframe is driven by the speed reducer through the central axis in the mill.The quincunx stand connects with the upper part of central axis, at the quincunx stand, rollers are set and by which the vibrating pivot formed.Below the quincunx stand and rollers is shovel system.Materials are fed into the space between turning rollers and shovels,aggregate jaw crusher and then are grinded by the pressure produced by turning rollers, thus powder is made.Magnetic separatorthe development of industry will provide huge development scope for different sand and screen equipments, the types and models of sand making equipment will gradually meet the demands of different levels.By now, our country's sand making equipments can satisfied the development of our sand industry, part of the equipments have entered word advanced range.At last, sand maker is suitable for producing of machine made sand and stone reshaping in engineering field such as water and hydroelectric projects,mineral sand washer high class road, high way, high-speed railway, passenger special line, bridge, airfield runway, municipal works, high-rise buildings.Judging from the current situation, our country' construction of road, railway, wharf, airport, nuclear power, buildings, engineering still maintain in high speed progress in future, so the development of sand machine is imperative.Rock crusher:www.Hxjq-crushers.Com/26.Htmbucket sand washer:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/sand-washer.Htmlsand maker:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/.

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