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Xiazhou Power Mining Machinery Industry Credit Construction

Xiazhou power mining machinery industry credit construction although "3.15 international consumer protection," has in the past for about a week, but, by 3.15 party a series of brand enterprise exposure out infringement behavior, is still in the media fierce were discussing.Fortunately the enterprise's ugly revelations come out, and those who are not revealing the false face, don't will be at large? see and our side is closely related products, strip heavy package dazzle beautiful coat, mcdonald's expired food again to sell, carrefour refurbished bag "white chicken" pretend to be fresh chaiji, china telecom for spam messages to earn profits and so on to provide channels shocking fact, let consumer sentiment why campbell? many users in various community bbs disease called for social harm severely punished with enterprise, everyday 3.15, the construction of credit guarantee system.Shanghai xiazhou heavy industry in line with "the good faith for this, the focus on customer, pay attention to the details" the management idea, pay attention to the construction of good faith service in the industry, whole-hearted service customers.Company production of broken, grinding equipment types of kinds, including counterattack crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, the sand machine, mobile crushing stand etc.Product.Compared with other similar products, with reliable quality, stable performance, high efficiency, long life and other advantages, is the user's consistent praise.Xiazhou heavy industry has been committed to the high-end brand integrity management construction, and cultivate a group of advanced foundry expert team, build technology high concentration, market demand degree is high, high brand awareness, the product quality excellent products.As a mining machinery industry, and a member of the xiazhou will, as always, "the letter", set up the good faith brand model, the consumers' rights and interests in the first place, for more users with high performance/price ratio, safe products, and help our country mining machinery industry credit healthy development.Reading professional production sales jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, cone crusher, stone production line merchants, welcome the masses of customers to come to consult the discussion phone +86-021-58380935 cone crusher,jaw crusher,impact crusher,hammer crusher,stone crusher,sand making, the company website jaw crusher http://www.Xiazhou2.Com/2011/1118/211.Htmlcone crusher http://www.Xiazhouchina.Com/2011/0910/7.Htmlmobile crusher http://www.Xz-crusher.Com/2011/1207/17.Htmlimpact crusher http://www.Xzcrushers.Com.

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