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You Know With All Aspects Of Sanitary Ware Category

With the coming wave of bathroom renovation, many families are involved in this trend began.However, some families choose to buy their own materials, decoration, there are many kinds of sanitary ware category, uses are not the same, i come to you today on the elaborate classification of sanitary ware, interested friends, do not miss.Ware from the use of function can be divided into three categories: washing equipment, bathing equipment, toilet facilities.There is also matched the hardware components and small electrical and mechanical parts.Washing equipment primarily basin, basin with built-in countertop wash basin, the stage is divided into basins, pots audience; post bed wash basin, hanging pots, corner basin, combination pots.Shower with shower room, steam rooms, massage bathtubs, bathtubs, bath tub and other equipment.Toilet facilitiesmatched with the hardware has a sink, faucets, towel racks, hangers, cup holders, paper towel holder, ashtrays, soap net, mirror folder, shower and so on.Also used in the bathroom were some minor mechanical and electrical categories: hand dryer, tray, hairdressing device, yuba, exhaust fan, etc.How to choose a suitable your own toilet?select one that fits your toilet, consider the following options: ordinary / xl:.Common type, also known as round-ended type, it saves space, suitable for compact bathrooms.Lengthened front longer, use more comfortable and hygienic.Siamese / split:.With body parts is not connected, cleaner.Sub-base body with water and two parts, transportation is convenient.Hang from:according to the distance from the wall outlet can be divided into the bottom drainage 220mm / 254mm/305mm / 400mm and horizontal drainage, the water, the next into the water.Please choose according to your situation.How to choose an appropriate classification of your own bath andbath available in the market, divided from the sheet on the acrylic cylinder, steel cylinder, the united states cast iron cylinder and cylinder; whether the skirt from the skirt on the sub-cylinder and cylinder skirt.Functionally divided from the general cylinder and massage cylinder.Different characteristics of each tub, the customer should be based on their needs and financial capacity to choose the type bathtub.All kinds of bath products feature:.Steel enamel bathtub: enamel surface is smooth and easy to clean, good wear resistance; but impatient impact, heat is bad.Cast iron bathtub: sturdy and durable, but too bulky and difficult to transport, and other harm to the environment.Acrylic bathtub: changing shape, surface color, bright, light, thermal insulation effect is good, but not high hardness of the surface scratches easily.U.S.Cast bath: the surface is smooth, durable, good insulation, environmentally friendly, light weight, is the ideal alternative to cast iron bathtub.Shower room: save space, to keep the bathroom dry.How to choose for your own bathroom wash basin?platform basin for countertop installation, the audience for the audience basin installation, both on stage and off stage basin is the installation of features, usually accompanied by installation of marble basin for the materials required to the table so a larger space.Pedestal basin and the basin by the combination of column, usually to save space, for a small bathroom but sleek pedestal can also show the beauty of the bathroom renovation grade and individual style.Half into the taiwan basin has both the characteristics of the table to install space-saving benefits of both pedestal.Screw wall hung basin is installed, there are half-columns with and without the two half-columns with a space-saving and easy to clean and so on.

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