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Zenith Grinding Mill Knowledge

Zenith company in shanghai produce crushing , grinding , sand , mineral processing ( tailings processing machinery ), etc.Heavy machinery product design , development, manufacture and marketing of specialized international -type business the company's products have been used in southeast asia and other countries and regions , and unanimously approved by the customer in recent years, our experience of learning from home and abroad on the basis of advanced technology , combined with their years of experience , optimal design, manufactured with hard rock crusher , jaw crusher at the core of the crushing and screening equipment , home and abroad construction industry and high-grade rail, road device of choice ; and the company has the sand making machine and milling machine advanced patented technology.Produced by various types of milling machines, modern design, high grinding efficiency, energy savings and innovation compared to similar products , is the metallurgical industry and ideal for a variety of mineral grinding equipment shanghai heavy industries, the technical staff of a tripod according to years of installation experience to introduce you to raymond debugging : 1 , empty load running test machine , in the absence of load test machine, roll grinding devices should adopt a rolling prison network wire rope , roller and grinding ring to avoid contact with the impact , then the host air test machine running at least 1 hour ; host operation should be smooth , cabinets oil temperature should not exceed 80 ℃, temperature does not exceed 40 ℃.Analysis of the host machine and the direction of rotation shown in figure 4 2 , blowers should load boot , after the load to be operating normally , and then observe its smooth operation, no abnormal noise and vibration , bearing maximum temperature of over 70 ℃, temperature should not exceed 35 ℃.3 , the load test machine running time of less than 8 hours after raymond working correctly no abnormal noise machine , the pipe joints leak wind generated by the test machine again to tighten the compact solid , can be put into regular use.

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